The digital twin of critical events

The best Intelligence Critical Event Management Plattform

Efficiently sift through thousands of incidents using WhoMeta’s metadata filtering, ensuring focused and relevant results

Revolutionizing Security Analysis

Harnessing OSINT with AI and Human Expertise

Our unique combination of open source information (OSINF), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and human expertise creates an unparalleled security solution. We provide deep insights and accurate analytics to help organizations make confident security decisions. With our technology, you are always one step ahead, fully informed and best equipped to tackle global challenges

Streamline Incident Analysis
with Metadata-Driven Filtering

Experience real-time awareness with WhoMeta OS Live Incident Map. Witness a dynamic visualization of ongoing incidents as they occur. Stay updated with live data, empowering swift responses and informed decision-making. Engage proactively with a comprehensive overview, ensuring timely actions for optimal outcomes.

WhoMeta OS tailors your experience and enhances efficiency by leveraging personalized keywords that streamline processes and maximize productivity effortlessly.

Utilize our DomeGuards feature to define crucial locations of interest for your business. Receive timely notifications in case of incidents or events occurring in these predefined areas. Empowering proactive responses, this tool ensures you stay informed and prepared to safeguard your interests effectively.

Experience a deeper understanding of your data with WhoMeta OS cutting-edge sentiment analysis feature. Uncover invaluable insights by decoding emotions and opinions within your content, empowering you to make informed decisions and foster more meaningful connections with your audience.

Immerse yourself in clarity and control with WhoMeta OS dashboard – an intuitive interface providing unparalleled visibility into incidents. Gain a comprehensive overview, empowering proactive management and informed decision-making for optimal resolution.

Harness the power of risk analysis seamlessly integrated into WhoMeta OS. Uncover potential pitfalls and opportunities through comprehensive risk assessments, enabling proactive strategies to mitigate uncertainties and drive confident decision-making.

Elevate your perspective with WhoMeta OS diverse map views and layers. Navigate through enriched visualizations, seamlessly toggling between multiple layers for an in-depth understanding of geographic data. Explore information with clarity and precision, tailored to your specific needs.

Monitor social media groups and messenger platforms seamlessly with our software. Gain valuable insights, track discussions, and stay informed about conversations across various social channels. 

Empower your understanding with WhoMeta OS metadata display feature. Gain comprehensive insights into your content, effortlessly accessing and visualizing key metadata. Uncover crucial details that drive informed decisions and optimize your workflow efficiently.

Explore the unprecedented capability of WhoMeta OS by revealing deleted online content. Witness a new dimension of information retrieval, accessing deleted content from the web. Gain a comprehensive view that transcends barriers, empowering you with invaluable data insights.

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