Realtime event and risk


The WHO in your META

Realtime platform for Risks and Events

At WhoMeta, we understand the critical importance of timely and accurate information in navigating today's dynamic environments. Our cutting-edge software leverages the latest in AI technology to provide real-time event and risk detection, empowering businesses to stay one step ahead.

Whether it's identifying potential cybersecurity threats, monitoring market fluctuations, or detecting operational anomalies, WhoMeta's platform delivers precise, actionable insights instantly.

One platform. Infinite integrations. Your governance and sovereignty

Our story: The Who in your Meta

In today's global landscape, risks are ever-present. It's time to take action.


With Whometa OS, you can mitigate these risks seamlessly without altering your processes. Through the Whometa Hub, we integrate effortlessly into your operations. Handling 187(EB) Zettabyte of new data daily, we help you identify and visualize the data that matters most to you.


Integrate the manual processes of OSD to provide OSINT software based solutions for investigators where we aggregate it in a realtime event and risk management platform.

what we do

Realtime situational awareness

With WhoMeta, you can ensure enhanced situational awareness across your enterprise, enabling faster decision-making and improved strategic planning. Our intuitive interface presents complex data in an accessible format, making it easy for teams to interpret and act on information swiftly. Equip your business with WhoMeta's real-time detection capabilities and turn potential risks into opportunities for growth and innovation.



WhoMetaOS powers seamless integration across platforms, optimizing operations with its robust, scalable architecture. Perfect for businesses seeking streamlined processes.

WhoMeta Hub with Flow

Our Low-Code Plattform to integrate, transform and manage your processes. You can use it as an App Back-End for custom developments or just create reports for your Stakeholders.

WhoMeta AI

WhoMeta AI harnesses advanced models to analyze data, providing insights that drive smarter decisions, it is the vital tool for leveraging AI in real-time analysis.